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Event Ticketing Made Easy

Halo Tickets can help organise your event.
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Halo Support
Create Event
Quick & Easy Setup
Simply add the information for your event, set ticket prices, upload a promotional image and you’re ready to go.
More Payment Options
We accept all VISA & MasterCard credit cards and PayPal.
Manage Event
Promote Your Event
Use our streamlined email option to send out event invites to your contact lists and link people directly to your event & tickets on your social media networks.
Live Sales Reports
Access live sales reports to track your event sales and attendance and know when to increase your marketing efforts as needed.
Run Event
Faster Check-In
We provide a guest list for you to use for check-in to your event. If you would like help with event management or access to scanners, please contact info@halotickets.com.au.
Print Tickets Or eTickets
Attendees can print tickets to bring to your event or go paperless and access them and your event information on a smart device.
Phone & Email Support
We provide phone and email support to handle all ticketing enquiries for your event. We can help manage and run your event with you. If you would like more information, please contact info@halotickets.com.au.
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